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NRG-5 Deliverables
D1.1:   Use Case scenarios analysis and 5G requirements
D1.2:    Reference Architecture & Functional Decomposition
D1.3:   Final 5G Network Architecture to support smart energy
D2.1:    NRG-5 Low-Layer Networking VNFs
D2.2:   NRG-5 Virtual Network abstraction
D2.3:    5G trusted, scalable & lock-in free plug’ n’ play
D3.1:    Semi-automatic NS/VNF deployment
D3.2:  NRG-5 application logic framework
D3.3:   VNF lifecycle management
D4.1:   Integration Guidelines & Open DMP v1
D4.2:    Integration Guidelines & Open DMP v2
D4.3:   Intermediate NRG-5 laboratory validation
D4.4:   Final NRG-5 laboratory validation
D5.1:   NRG-5 Trials Set-up
D5.2: Intermediate NRG-5 proof of concept
D5.3:    Final assessment and Replication Guidelines
D6.1:  Project Web site
D6.2: Report on marketing & promotional tools v1
D6.3: Dissemination & Standardization Activities v1
D6.4: Market analysis & exploitation plans v1
D6.5: Report on marketing & promotional tools v2
D6.6: Dissemination & Standardization Activities v2
D6.7: Market analysis & exploitation plans v2
D7.1:   Research period project progress report
D7.2: Validation period project progress report
D8.1: NEC – Requirement No. 1

List of Publications

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