5G networks will play a central role in achieving the digital transformation of the EU’s economy and society. The cybersecurity of 5G networks is therefore essential to protect our economies and societies and to enable the full potential of the important opportunities they will bring. 

The European Council welcomed “the ongoing joint European efforts on safeguarding the security of 5G networks based in particular on the Commission Recommendation on Cyber Security of 5G Networks” and stressed “the importance of a coordinated approach and effective implementation of the Recommendation in order to avoid fragmentation in the Single Market”. To this effect, the Council called upon Member States, the Commission and ENISA, to “take all necessary measures within their competences to ensure the security and integrity of electronic communication networks, in particular 5G networks and to continue to consolidate a coordinated approach to address the security challenges related to 5G technologies.”

Source : “Council Conclusions on the significance of 5G to the European economy and the need to mitigate security risks linked to 5G

For more information please download the “Cybersecurity of 5G networks EU Toolbox of risk mitigating measures”, published on 29th of January 2020 here.