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Lab #4: RWTH 5G/Smart Grid Lab

Lab#4 in Aachen will build on other important EU driven efforts that will be used as starting points and leveraged in the framework of NRG5. The main element is the deployment of a 5G infrastructure in RWTH premises and interconnection with the RWTH Smart Energy emulators and field tests (Figure 13). The 5G Infrastructure and associated core network will be periodically updated as new 5G components and new versions become available for the project, so that the latest 5G Components available at the time of the tests will be used, giving the possibility to have up to date testing and proof-of concept demonstrator of 5G technology.



Specifically, an exemplary grid real-time simulator (with 50 microseconds resolution) will be connected to the 5G Base Station. Data will be streamed out of the simulator both using analogue output and digital messages. This data will also be used by available real Intelligent Electronic Devices (either commercial such as protection units from ABB or Phasor Measurement Units from Alstom already available in RETH Labs or results of RWTH research projects) and then communicate to the Control Centre using 5G connection by means of dongles connected to the devices. Moreover, other devices from the E.ON Energy Research Centre building will be connected to the same base station to simulate regular background traffic to the same BS (for example regular PC streaming HD video etc).