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NRG-5 results will be validated at 4 laboratories offering research and experimentation facilities for SDN/NFV functionality (POPs), 5G/IoT/M2M connectivity (UPMC), a state of the art end-to-end 5G/electricity network emulator (RWTH) and an enhanced “radio grid emulator” ORBIT testbed, which provides facilities for reproducible networking experiments with large numbers (up to 400) of wireless nodes. Rutgers/WinLab (USA).

Lab #1: POPs SDN micro Datacentre

Lab#1 will host the NRG-5 development repository, automatic build and laboratory testing targeting NFVs and VNFs, along with software quality control. For that purpose, POPs will utilise Synelixis’ (the mother company) SDN/VNF micro Data Centre.

Lab #2: Rutgers/WinLab ORBIT Lab

Lab #2 is centred around the “radio grid emulator”, providing facilities for reproducible networking experiments with large numbers (up to 400) of wireless nodes.

Lab #3: UPMC FIT Lab

Lab #3 UPMC will offer to NRG-5 access to the FIT (Future Internet Testing) Lab. UPMC FIT Lab is part of the IoT-Lab offering a very large scale IoT.

Lab #4: RWTH 5G/Smart Grid Laboratory

Lab#4 will validate NRG-5 requirements and VNF framework under several different smart energy requirements.