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Pilot #1: Natural Gas network/LNG Terminal (France)

Pilot #1 will be provided by ENGIE and target natural gas network and LNS terminals. ENGIE has the 1st position in Europe in distribution, transport and storage of natural gas, with a gas portfolio of 1,296 TWh and LNG portfolio of 16.4Mtpa. Only in France, ENGIE features 32,153 km of high-pressure pipelines, connecting 17 distribution network operators, 10 million domestic and 802 industrial customers, including 12 gas-fired power plants, transmitting more than 583 TWh of gas, while more than 640 TWh are traded at PEGs (Title Transfer Points). The network is connected to LNG terminals on the Atlantic and Mediterranean coasts, to neighbouring European networks and underground storage facilities. ENGIE’s natural gas network in France is based on steel pipelines with a diameter of between 80 and 1,200 mm, buried under one meter of land, which is a safe, inconspicuous and economical way of transporting of large amounts of energy while protecting local activities, landscape and biodiversity. More than 90% of the pipelines are located in rural areas, while every 150 – 200 km, there are stations equipped with compressors and measurement, control and safety systems to raise the pressure of the gas moving through the pipelines. In this trial we are going to evaluate Predictive Maintenance using drones and a multi-RAT environment of cellular, satellite and WiFi connectivity. Moreover, state of the art SCADA and interconnection with gas pressure sensors and actuators will be utilized to evaluate the open source xMEC and a number of functions realized as VNFs.