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 NRG-5 results will be validated at 2 real life trials (France and Italy) offering multi-RAT (i.e. cellular, satellite, Wifi, short range)connectivity over Electricity Distribution, LNG Storage/Gas transportation and Gas Pipelines infrastructures.

Pilot #1: Natural Gas network/LNG Terminal (France)

Pilot #1 will be provided by ENGIE and target natural gas network and LNS terminals. Pilot#1 is aimed to provide a) Predictive Maintenance: aerial monitoring and incidents localization, by monitoring gas compressors and pumps from the selected monitoring centers.

Pilot #2: Optimized Energy Network Management and Control (Italy)

Pilot #2 will be implemented by ASM, the Terni municipal electricity and gas distribution network operator and EMOT in Terni and will validate all three NRG-5 use cases. Plug’n’play scenario of smart cross-network meters and optimized substation management.