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Use Case #3: Resilience and High availability via Dispatchable Demand Response (DDR)

NRG-5 will research towards the realization of decentralized, communication demanding services such as AMI as a Service (AMIaaS), Dispatchable Demand Response as a Service (DDRaaS), Energy Infrastructure Fault Localization as a Service (FLaaS). All these services may be realized as closed loop applications, integrating application specific logic with a complex forwarding graph of collaborating utility-specific VNFs, such as:
• A virtual Phasor Measurement Unit (vPMU) VNF, enabling precise state measurements to be made across an entire gird. In principle, fast sampling will be enriched with software based synchronization algorithms. To ensure reusability, this VNF will be a result of combined SFC and VNFFG techniques.
• A virtual Electricity Substation & Rerouting (vESR) VNF, enabling control of the local substation and electricity rerouting activities.
• A virtual DER (vDER) VNF, enabling the optimized management and local control of distributed energy storage resources (like second life batteries, EVs on the move and EVs chargers), which will be in charge for providing low-latency flexibility provisioning services to the grid operator.