NRG5 Dispatchable Demand Response as a Service (DDRaaS) demonstrated was successfully validated in ASM Terni living lab, located in the center of Italy.

In particular, the living lab consists of the following block of energy units:

  • Two PV arrays (180 kWp and 60 kWp), connected to the LV network
  • 72 kWh 2nd life Li-ion battery energy storage is the Block of Energy Unit (BoEU) providing
    the electric power storage and supply services. It is the BoEU that plays an important role in
    providing the district with the flexibility necessary to implement different services, especially
    ancillary services like Primary reserve, Dynamic reactive Power control and Reactive Power
  • ASM Terni buildings comprising a 4,050 m2 three-storey office building, a 2,790 m2 single-
    storey building consisting of technical offices, a computer centre and an operation control centre
    and a 1,350 m2 warehouse; usually the base load varies between 50 kW and 90 kW and peak load
    is between 120 kW and 170 kW, depending on seasonal factors

  • Three smart charging stations (two SpotLink EVO and one Efacec QC45) and six electric
    vehicles (four Renault ZOE and two Nissan LEAF) are part of the Terni pilot site. The 22 kWh/40
    kWh lithium-ion batteries of Renault Zoe are charged at 22 kW SpotLink EVO charging station
    while an Efacec QC45 charging station, supplying up to 50 kW DC, is used to charge the 22 kWh
    lithium-ion batteries of Nissan LEAF.