NRG-5 successfully validated and demonastrated the use case Advanced Metering Infrastructure as a Service (AMIaaS) using 5G technology. NRG-5 has enabled AMI service of a smart grid using low-cost/real-time 5G enabled smart meters for end customers and phasor measurement units (PMUs) demonstrating how 5G has the capability of revolutionizing the way modern smart grids are monitored.


AMIaaS Validation: SMX+ZMD installation (left), NORM installed (right) in Terni trial site

The AMIaaS pilot included

  • 10 physical NORM devices
  • 200 -500 simulated NORM devices (based on the scenario)
  • xMEC installed at ASM Terni server farm (Italy) and NKUA (Athens)
  • Application Logic implemented in ASM Terni server farm (Italy) and BT Servers (UK)


Snapshot of the AMIaaS Dashboard, implemented via the BT IoT Data Hub