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Use Cases:

Targeting the Smart Energy vertical domain, NRG-5 defines use cases covering all three groups of MTC communications and aims to examine how already defined 5G radio features could be used in Energy use cases and define NFV concepts as contributions to 5G studies which would optimise the performance for 5G network in the upper layers, to support the use case requirements.

Use Case #1: Realizingdecentralized, trustedlock-in free “Plug & Play vision”

Use Case #1 addresses on one hand mMTC via the vast number of smart meters and on the other hand uMTC as most VNFs require real-time control of the smart energy services. It is important to note that all proposed VNFs may be applied well beyond utility networks to any type of mobile hardware constrained terminal.

Use Case #2: Aerial Predictive Maintenance for utility infrastructures

Use Case #2 addresses xMBB communications via the vMPA VNF for video streaming from the drones and analysis to the xMEC and the utilities control centre, as well as uMTC communications via the vDFC VNF for controlling the flight of drones.

Use Case #3: Resilience and High availability via Dispatchable Demand Response (DDR)

Use Case #3 addresses mMTC communications via the huge number of RES, DES and controlling units, as well as uMTC communications as most VNFs require real-time control of the smart energy services.