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NRG5 Validation, Labs & Pilots

NRG-5 Use Cases: Targeting the Smart Energy vertical domain, NRG-5 defines use cases covering all three groups of MTC communications and aims to examine how already defined 5G radio features could be used in Energy use cases and define NFV concepts as contributions to 5G studies which would optimise the performance for 5G network in the upper layers, to support the use case requirements.

NRG-5 LabsNRG-5 results will be validated at 4 laboratories offering research and
experimentation facilities for SDN/NFV functionality (POPs), 5G/IoT/M2M connectivity (UPMC), a state of the art end-to-end 5G/electricity network emulator (RWTH) and an enhanced “radio grid emulator” ORBIT testbed, which provides facilities for
reproducible networking experiments with large numbers (up to 400) of wireless nodes. Rutgers/WinLab (USA).

NRG-5 pilots: NRG-5 results will be validated at 2 real life trials (France and Italy) offering multi-RAT (i.e. cellular, satellite, Wifi, short range)connectivity over Electricity Distribution, LNG Storage/Gas transportation and Gas Pipelines infrastructures.